"Arthur Aldrich Plays"

Arthur Aldrich plays premiered at:


Bognor Regis.




Long Eaton.



Arthur Aldrich Plays

Arthur Aldrich has written stage plays in a variety of styles for many years. Four of the One-act plays are published by Samuel French and are frequently performed in Festivals.

Other one-act plays are available, along with full-length ones. All of these plays have been performed and many of them have won awards in playwriting competitions.

Arthur Aldrich can be contacted by ‘phone on 01604 740532 or by E.Mail arthur @arthuraldrichplays.co.uk

He is also an associate member of the Guild of Drama Adjudicators.


Sitting in with Nellie (one-act)
Shindig (One –act) *
Road to the Isles. (One-act)
The Four of Me (One-act)
Cul-de-Sac (One-act)
Babes in the Jungle (Full-length)
Out in the Morning Dew


The Road to Northborough (One-act)*
The Housewarming (One-act)*
Ghosts of Bedlam (One-act)*
The Day after the Battle (One-act)
The Shoebox Mystery (Full-length)
Waiting for an Hero

Family Plays

Jasper & the Dumb Detective (Full-length)
Zipperella (Full-length)

Plays marked* are published by Samuel French, who will supply scripts and the licence to perform. Enquiries about the other plays should be addressed directly to Arthur Aldrich.