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Julian Crawley MC. is a prominent Member of Parliament, with hopes of becoming leader of his party. On a family trip to Bournemouth with his wife and daughter, he sees a signpost pointing to an army camp, where he served many years before. He follows it. The camp is deserted but he is surprised to find that some of his former army colleagues are still living locally. They seem delighted to meet him again but beneath their welcome is a determination to bring Julian face to face with past events, for which they hold him responsible. Julian’s ambitions, his reputation and his family’s respect are all shattered by the revelations.

Cast: 4 M 3 F.

Setting: An open stage with cyclorama. Symbolic represntation of one interior.

Note re cast: Julian should be in his fifties. His wife is slightly younger and his daughter is in her late teens. The ex-Army personnel would be slightly older than Julian.


Stanley Patterson, a retired electrician, has a problem. Somehow or other (he’s not sure how) he has promised to marry Stephanie, a one-time flame, who has re-entered his life. The marriage is imminent and Stanley is so upset at the prospect that he has, almost literally, been struck dumb – to his son and daughter at any rate. They, for their part, will be quite happy if he marries again and they can stop worrying about him.

But if he won’t speak he can’t marry so his children summon medical help, which arrives in the form of a very unorthodox doctor, who has his own solution to Stanley’s predicament.

The first production of this play – by RATAE CO-OPERATIVE PLAYERS won the Leicestershire & Rutland One-act Festival in 2009 and went on to represent Leicestershire in the Quarter Final of the All England Theatre Festival. The play itself won the “Best Original Play” award.

Cast: 3 M 3 F.

Setting: A Living Room/ Garden Patio.

Note re cast: Stanley should be 60 years or above. The doctor, the nurse and Stephanie are slightly younger, but Stanley’s children, Brian and Fiona, should be realistically aged.


Set at the time of the English Civil War, the action centres around people, who have been affected in different ways by the battle and who come into contact on the day after it.

A pregnant young girl is looking for her lover. A priest is trying to excuse to God his selective attitude towards the fighting that took place. Two injured soldiers, one from each side, are left in the Churchyard to await death or rescue. And two scavengers, who make their living from robbing corpses, roam the countryside. It is a day of chance meetings, reflection and retribution.

This play was shorlisted in the 2005/6 Welsh Drama Association Playwriting Competition and the adjudicator wrote: “This script deals with the senseless waste and bllodshed, the carnage and sickening depravity of a battlefield. The dialogue is sparse, economical and well written and the changing locations easily contrived.”

Cast: 5 m (4 with doubling) 2 f. Ages are flexible.

Simple composite set.



REG and VERA, throughout their marriage, have enjoyed a love/hate relationship. After one particular row, they both go out – Vera to do some shopping and Reg – well don’t ask! They both fall over and Reg is taken to hospital with a broken hip; whereas Vera is helped home by a young lad, Simon, whom she dubs her “Knight in White Armour”. Whilst Reg’s freewheeeling life is severely restricted by his injury, Vera’s life brightens considerably and an extinguished flame is re-lit. This is a fast moving, light comedy, runner-up in the Sussex Playwrights’ 2006 competition.

The actor, Paul Moriarty, who adjudicated the competition described the play as “really enjoyable” with “well-realised characters and depicted with much warmth and depth”.

Cast: 3M 2 Elderly I Young. 3F 1 Elderly , 1 Middle-aged, 1 Young.

Staging can be simple or complicated.